Barrier-Free Travel: The Grand Canyon for Wheelers and Slow Walkers

Penned by accessible travel expert Candy Harrington, this handy access guide includes detailed access information about trails, sites and attractions in one of America’s most visited national parks. Along with information on accessible sites on the North and South Rim, the book also includes hard-to-find access information about Grand Canyon West, which is located outside of the national park on Hualapai land. Accessible lodging choices in and near the park are also included; and if you’d like to ride the rails to the South Rim, there’s information on how to do that too. The guidebook features:

  • Accessible Trail Information
  • Accessible Lodging Options on the North and South Rim
  • Photos of Accessible Rooms in the Park
  • Details on Accessible Bus and Helicopter Tours
  • The Only Driving Route to the Bottom of the Canyon
  • Access at the Grand Canyon Skywalk
  • Accessible Lodging at Grand Canyon West
  • Shuttle Bus Routes and Access Details
  • Special Access Passes and Permits
  • Accessible Museums, Attractions and Historic Sites
  • Access on the Historic Grand Canyon Railway
  • Accessible Lodging at the Williams Railway Depot
  • Windshield Views Throughout the Park

A must-read if the Grand Canyon is on your bucket list, Barrier-Free Travel; The Grand Canyon for Wheelers and Slow Walkers is a great resource for seniors, parents with stroller-aged children, Baby Boomers, folks who just like to take things a littler slower and anybody who uses a cane, walker, wheelchair or scooter.